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Charlie Bravo Delta is a system of lifestyle management tools based on clinical-grade herbal and hemp concentrates. Charlie Bravo Delta products are professionally-formulated using the finest of materials offered in the Health and Wellness industry to date. Our products are intelligently designed to deliver these potent nutrients as efficiently as possible to help you realize their intended use.

While these days it is common for people to self-regulate using substances like coffee, alcohol and even pharmaceuticals to control their mood, energy and sleep, these substances can have harmful side effects and diminishing returns over time. Our product offerings will provide you with an opportunity kick these habit-forming substances and improve your health and well-being with consistent use over time.

The Charlie Bravo Delta system will assist you in regulating the ups and downs of daily life to help you achieve wellness through the following products:

Boost: A plant-based nootropic formula for increased energy and focus without relying on stimulants. Activates dopamine and other key neurotransmitters to improve mood, memory and motivation without using synthetic caffeine or nutrients.

Adapt: Builds energy in the body's systems by strengthening organ/gland partnerships, which will help you adapt to and process everything else that is being thrown at your body throughout the day.

Relax: When you need to deal with depressed feelings or just get some quality sleep, will activate serotonin and other neurotransmitters that inhibit feelings of fear and anxiety.

Curcumin Complete: combines two of the most powerful ingredients available to address inflammation and build immunity throughout the body.

Tonic Treasures: A potent combination of longevity and adaptogenic herbs that help to replenish energy reserves and improve general well-being. 

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